How LifeSpark serves the community

You and your loved ones deserve peace and healing while going through cancer.  LifeSpark’s unique program of Reiki and Healing Touch treatments are gentle and supportive and offered at no cost.

LifeSpark Cancer Resources is dedicated to supporting the cancer community with one-on-one direct services.  We offer Reiki and Healing Touch wellness therapies to individuals with cancer and their caregivers. These services are offered remotely, as well as in-person at various locations throughout the Denver Metro area including several local hospital cancer centers.

Nearly 80% of those receiving sessions in our program report feeling significantly better both physically and emotionally.

Additionally, 95% of participants say the sessions were valuable and they would refer others to our program.  With over 60 LifeSpark Reiki and Healing Touch volunteers, we deliver thousands of sessions to individuals with cancer and their caregivers every year.