About LifeSpark

Our Vision

  • To serve those with cancer and their caregivers by offering healing, comfort, and support.
  • To serve the medical community in supporting a holistic model of care.
  • To raise the standards of professionalism among energy-based therapists, and foster cooperation and respect between modalities.
  • To create a climate of mutual respect between medical and energy-based professionals.

LifeSpark Mission Statement

LifeSpark Cancer Resources is a non-profit volunteer service organization that uses Reiki and Healing Touch therapies to bring peace and healing to cancer patients and their caregivers. LifeSpark serves individuals with cancer and the oncology medical community through education, training, advocacy, and delivery of hands-on and remote sessions.  Our core values include compassion, integrity, service, professionalism, and respect.”

LifeSpark Leadership Team

LifeSpark Board of Directors

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    Nagesh Venkata Anupindi
    LifeSpark Staff and Advisors

    Our Model

    We provide 8 weeks of Reiki or Healing Touch to individuals with cancer and their caregivers at no cost.  Sessions are delivered by trained and screened Reiki and Healing Touch volunteers. Sessions occur remotely and at partner locations including local churches, spas, and other businesses.  In addition, LifeSpark provides sessions at the cancer centers of four hospitals; UCHealth Anschutz Cancer Center, Denver Health Medical Center, UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital, and UCHealth Memorial Hospital.  Our treatments reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and promote a sense of peace and well-being.”

    LifeSpark Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy

    LifeSpark is dedicated to promoting equality and diversity in all aspects of our operations. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, religion, creed, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

    LifeSpark is committed to providing equal opportunities for all individuals associated with LifeSpark, including employees, volunteers, clients, donors, and partners. We encourage open communication and collaboration to promote understanding and respect among all members of our community.

    LifeSpark History

    The program that is now LifeSpark began in 2002 at QuaLife Wellness Community, a Denver-based non-profit organization that served cancer patients.  In late 2004, QuaLife closed its doors.  In early 2005, LifeSpark organizers formed a new non-profit organization, and on March 25, 2005, LifeSpark was officially launched.  The organization has grown steadily, and over the years we have developed partnerships with several cancer centers, places of worship, and wellness businesses.

    In March 2020, because of COVID, all sessions were converted to remote sessions to keep everyone safe.  We added guided imagery by nationally known expert BelleRuth Naperstack, to give people something positive to focus on during the remote sessions.

    In early 2021, Anschutz Cancer Center invited us back into their Infusion Room to give hands-on sessions to their cancer patients.  Denver Health and Memorial Hospital followed later that year. In late 2022 we began returning to hands-on sessions at selected locations, and  Highlands Ranch Hospital invited us into their cancer center.  

    In 2023 we began returning to in-person locations and added eleven locations which included churches, chiropractic and massage businesses, and others. Our remote program has also continued because it allows us to serve people no matter where they live.

    Legal Name and Tax ID

    Our legal name is Healing Buddies, Inc. (LifeSpark Cancer Resources is our Doing Business trade name).
    Our Tax ID number is 33-1114811.