Become a LifeSpark Provider

Are you trained in Reiki or Healing Touch? 

Become a LifeSpark Provider image for Lifespark Cancer Resources Become a LifeSpark Provider and work directly with cancer patients. Join our team and change lives!

Provide weekly Reiki or Healing Touch sessions to an individual with cancer or their caregiver. Find the incredible meaning in supporting someone with your healing skills.

REMOTE SESSIONS: LifeSpark began offering remote/distant sessions in March 2020 because of COVID. The program has been so successful that we are now serving people all over Colorado and in other states.  You will be matched with an individual with cancer and provide weekly remote/distant sessions to them.  

IN-PERSON SESSIONS:We are offering in-person sessions at numerous  locations along the Colorado front range. These are weekly sessions that take place at location partners that include spas, health and wellness businesses, and churches. If you live in these areas, this may be an option.

HOSPITAL SESSIONS: LifeSpark also works out of several hospital cancer centers along the Colorado Front Range. If you live in this area, this may be an option for you. You must meet certain requirements and go through screening and training at the respective hospital.



  • Completed Level II Healing Touch or Second Degree Reiki
  • Given 50 Reiki or Healing Touch sessions to others.
  • Completion of the LifeSpark 18-hour Provider Onboarding seminar.