Oct 15, 2021, Molly Aldrich RN, & LifeSpark at Anschutz Cancer Center

Molly Aldrich, former Nurse Manager at the Anschutz Cancer Center, talks about the Reiki training she receives and uses daily, and the LifeSpark program at the Center. Molly left this position in early 2022 but remains supportive of LifeSpark.

March 9, 2022 ShoutOut Colorado

ShoutOut Colorado recently interviewed Sandy Priester about how she views risk-taking in her role as Executive Director of LifeSpark.  This article is published in their online magazine.  Take a look.



December 30, 2021 Interview with Herbert Bargoot

Herbert Bargoot discusses how LifeSpark sessions were the ONLY thing that helped his pain.  He received sessions from 2018 until his death in early 2022.  We are grateful to have been able to support Herb for over four years and were enriched by his presence in our program.  Watch the video.


June 1, 2021 Mile High Natural Awakenings Magazine

Mile High Natural Awakenings recently gave LifeSpark a full-page ad on the inside front cover of the magazine. Take a look.

January 15, 2021 Healing Beyond Borders Newsletter

LifeSpark was featured in the 4th quarter Perspectives in Healing newsletter published by Healing Beyond Borders.  The article, titled How LifeSpark Switched to Distance Sessions, discussed the process in March of switching from all hands-on sessions to distant/internet sessions when Covid happened.  The article also discusses how LifeSpark added guided imagery to their sessions to give people something positive to focus on during the distant sessions. 

January 4, 2021 Interview with two LifeSpark participants

Angelita and Roxanne talk about the difference that LifeSpark sessions made for them during their cancer journey. Watch the video.

December 9, 2020. Interview with Dr. Richard Schulick

Dr. Richard Schulick, Director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, talks about the LifeSpark program at Anschutz Cancer Center. Tania Leevers, LifeSpark President, then talks about how you are the change and how your donations help. These interviews were recorded for the online Touching Tomorrow fundraising event on December 9, 2020. Watch the interview here.


December 2, 2020 Health Journeys website

Health Journeys is a Guided Imagery company that provides guided imagery audio files for hospitals, organizations, and companies around the world. They supply audio files for LifeSpark sessions as well. Belleruth Naparstek, owner/founder, is a pioneer and leader in this field.


December 20, 2020. CNTV interview about LifeSpark at Anschutz Cancer Center

Gary Atencio of Consumer News TV interviewed Sandy Priester, LifeSpark Executive Director, and Nicole Giles, oncology nurse about the Reiki and Healing Touch program at UCHealth. It was taped before COVID, but not published until October, 2020. View the interview HERE.

March 2020 Medical Professionals Magazine

LifeSpark received a four-page feature article in the March issue of the Medical Professionals Magazine – Denver South. This is a 36-page full-color magazine for medical professionals. LifeSpark is the featured medical charity. Read the full article here.