Are positive emotions genuinely good for us?

By Sandy Priester.

There is growing evidence that how a person thinks, feels, and connects with others may have a more profound impact on their health and survival than we had previously known.

Hundreds of studies demonstrate that:

  • Stress weakens the immune system
  • Depressed cancer patients have shorter lives
  • Positive attitudes affect longevity
  • Social support improves physical health

Studies also show the following:

  • Integrative care may be more effective and less expensive than standard medical care by itself.
  • Reiki and Healing Touch are safe and may improve depression, anxiety, pain, and fatigue while supporting a sense of peace and well-being (over 150 studies)

In a world where there is a drug for every side effect, natural solutions such as Reiki and Healing Touch provide a fresh, clear option that promotes health and wellness on all levels.

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