Canadian Study on Perceptions of Biofield Therapies

A recent Canadian study examined the public’s perceptions of their health care system and attitudes towards holistic approaches, including biofield therapies like Healing Touch and Reiki. 

The study was initiated by Brian Tramontini, CEO of a company specializing in healthcare metrics. After learning Reiki himself, he became aware of assumptions by those in the Reiki/healing community that these therapies were widely known and accepted as real by the general population.  This was not his experience working in the healthcare field for many years.   In searching for research around attitudes and awareness, it quickly became clear that there was none – so Stratim took the initiative to find the answers via this study. The findings were presented at the  International Reiki Research Conference on June 2, 2024.

The survey aims to understand attitudes and perceptions of the healthcare system and holistic healthcare approaches, awareness and acceptance of biofield therapies, and factors that could encourage or discourage people from trying biofield therapies.


The study was conducted by an independent polling group experienced in national public opinion studies.   A total of N=1000 interviews were completed in April 2024. All respondents were residents of Ontario, Canada,18 years or older, and eligible to vote. The sample ensured a representative breakdown by region. The margin of error is ±3.1 % 19/20 times. 


The vast majority of people do NOT believe that the current Canadian healthcare system is effective and sustainable (81%) but DO believe that holistic approaches can improve this (77%). However, only 38% of people have heard of biofield therapies, and 32% believe they can be effective, but only 6% have experienced them or know someone who has. One-third of those polled said that clear, evidence-based research would encourage them to try biofield therapies. While one-third stated there were no obstacles to using these therapies, another 22% to 33% (obstacles vs. encouragement questions) would never try biofield therapies under any circumstances.

SEE FULL DETAILS OF THE STUDY HERE. (click on the links on the main page)


This study highlights the high dissatisfaction with the current Canadian healthcare system while also showing the public’s strong belief in holistic approaches. Most people are not aware of biofield therapies, and even fewer have actually used them. More evidence-based research is needed to build trust and credibility, which could mobilize the public’s interest in holistic approaches to complement traditional medical care.  

About the Researcher  

Brian Tramontini is CEO of Stratim, a management consultancy and software company specializing in healthcare performance metrics. He is a frequent speaker at healthcare conferences. Over the last 10 years, he has become aware of biofield therapies and is now a Reiki Master. He is a strong advocate for broader awareness and acceptance of biofield therapies for their potential to transform healthcare and lives.

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