Bruce’s Inspiring Story

In late 2018, Bruce Stahlman was diagnosed with brain cancer and had surgery to remove a racket ball-sized tumor inside

Video image of Herbert Bargoot that used LifeSpark services for four years

Interview with Herbert Bargoot

Herbert Bargoot discusses how LifeSpark sessions were the ONLY thing that helped his pain.  He received sessions from 2018 until

CNTV Interview About LifeSpark

Gary Atencio of Consumer News TV interviewed Sandy Priester, LifeSpark Executive Director, and Nicole Giles, oncology nurse about the Reiki

Video image of interview with Dr. Richard Schulick, Director of University of Colorado Cancer Center

Interview with Dr. Richard Schulick

Dr. Richard Schulick, Director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, talks about the LifeSpark program at Anschutz Cancer Center.