First-Person Stories

Relaxed and calm

By Deborah Fox. “If I can help somebody else, I will!” This sums up Inge’s life and became her motto

A gentle but powerful tool.

By Barbara Schwendler. I wonder if you would humor me right now and take a short journey with me. Let

Finding the blessing

Jessica Norwood had a busy, happy life with three kids and her husband James. She was also beginning to build

All I need to do is just “be”.

By Maureen Geittmann.      In late December 2018, Sue was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and entered surgery feeling confident

Fear is not who I am!

By Maureen Geittmann. In October 2021, Tami was caring for her mother who was in a memory care facility.  She

Alayne’s Journey

By Maureen Geittmann. The journey began in October 2020. Alayne, who was a lifetime hiker and athlete, felt her heart