I feel uplifted, energized, happy, and optimistic!

By Alan Ferguson. I was diagnosed 18 years ago with prostate cancer. My surgeon convinced me that all the cancer was in my prostate. He said he’d remove my prostate and I’d be cured. Unfortunately, the cancer wasn’t all in my prostate and had already spread elsewhere. 7 ½ years ago I was still dealing with cancer. I then met a neighbor who told me Lifespark saved her life by giving her Reiki and Healing touch sessions. I contacted Lifespark that day.

I have received LifeSpark sessions off and on since then.  Some of the benefits are stress and pain relief, a sense of euphoria, as well as feeling and seeing wonderful memories of my past. Some of these memories go back to when I was a young child.

Whenever a LifeSpark session is completed, I feel uplifted, energized, happy, and optimistic. I have learned a few Reiki and Healing touch techniques that I perform on myself that give me peacefulness and enable me to sleep better.

A few years ago I had a trip planned to Mexico and told my LifeSpark practitioner that I would have to miss one session. He said he could reschedule it with me when I returned.  OR he could give me remote or long-distance healing. I was extremely skeptical, but LifeSpark had never failed me, so I decided to give it a try while I was in Mexico.

We scheduled a time for him to phone me in Mexico. He called and said he would begin right away and would ring a bell when he was done. I was instructed to lie down on my bed in my hotel room. As the session began, I was more skeptical than ever because I was hearing hotel noises of doors closing and voices from guests.

The next thing I knew, I heard the bell ringing ending our session. I slowly got out of bed and looked out my window and I became one with the amazing, colorful scenery before my eyes. This long-distance, remote session was one of the best sessions of my life.


LifeSpark has been a big part of my healing journey.  I highly recommend their treatments for anyone who has ever had or currently has cancer. It’s free and it works! I am currently in remission, and thanks in part to LifeSpark, I am thriving. 

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