A gentle but powerful tool.

By Barbara Schwendler.

I wonder if you would humor me right now and take a short journey with me. Let your mind take you to your favorite place. You know, the place you most like to be. It could be in your home, outside, or anywhere you imagine…. Notice why you love this place. Is it the colors, smells, or sounds that you love? Or is it because you feel safe and comfortable there? Just take it in for a moment… Now close your eyes and enjoy this place for a few moments. ….

I hope for those few moments you were able to leave your cares behind and have a visit. How do you feel right now? ….   Well, that is how I feel when I have my Healing Touch sessions with Kathryn. While she works her magic, I overcome the fear, anxiety, and constant worry that only cancer can bring.

I began experiencing and advocating for LifeSpark and their work when I managed a cancer resource center at Denver Health Hospital from 2006 to 2010. Starting the center from scratch, I looked for supportive, healing opportunities for our cancer patients. I knew how devastating the treatments could be, having had breast cancer myself in 2002.

When I met Sandy Priester she opened my eyes and sensations to the gift of energy work and offered it to me while my volunteers and I were doing the difficult work of trying to meet the needs of our patients and their complicated lives. We soon offered energy work to our patients in infusion and the change in them was dramatic! Finally, we were countering the pain and stress of harsh cancer treatments with a gentle but powerful tool that lifted us out of our misery. I say “us” because I was rediagnosed with breast cancer while still trying to run the center.

Fast forward to today when I am fighting my breast cancer again. Now it is in my bones. So, who do I turn to for help? LifeSpark, of course! After 13 years, I am so glad to find out they are still going strong! It’s like finding a dear friend that I thought I had lost. And I found out that LifeSpark is still doing good work at Denver Health! Yeah!! All our hard work did pay off!

Today, I am so grateful for my weekly Healing Touch sessions. I often come weary, scared, and in pain and I leave feeling so much better and loved, really loved!

With your generous support, you can help others like me who, if only for a while, get to suspend our cancer stories, travel to our favorite places, and take a much-needed rest. Thank you.

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