Nearly 500 served in 2023

By Sandy Priester, Executive Director.
Thanks to your support, LifeSpark served nearly 500 people last year!!!

We delivered 2,789 Reiki and Healing Touch sessions to nearly 500 in 2023. While 90% of the sessions were for cancer patients, we also gave sessions to numerous caregivers, and 82 sessions to oncology nurses in the infusion centers where we work.  

Hospital updates.  We delivered sessions in the infusion centers of three cancer centers: UCHealth Anschutz Cancer Center, Denver Health Medical Center, and UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital (new this year). Although not active this year, we will return to Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs next year.  In addition, we now have approval to begin delivering sessions at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins.  

Location updates: In 2020 we switched to remote sessions due to the pandemic. This has allowed us to serve people no matter where they live and in 2023 we served people in 22 states outside of Colorado. However, LifeSpark remains and will continue to be a Colorado-based organization, and 85% of those we serve live in Colorado.  

In addition to remote sessions, LifeSpark has returned to in-person hands-on sessions this year.  We now have partnerships with eleven churches, spas, and wellness centers from Loveland to Colorado Springs, where we offer these sessions.  

Waiting lists:  Remote sessions are generally available within 1 to 3 weeks of signing up. However, depending on the location, in-person sessions may have very long waiting lists, which sometimes can be as long as 6 months. 

We are working to solve this issue and need your help to recruit and support additional Reiki and Healing Touch providers. 

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