New year dreams and intentions

By Sandy Priester      
Now that 2024 is here, are you glad 2023 is over? 
Was it a good year or a challenging year for you?   

A friend of mine sent me these five questions from the Isolation Journals. I found them very helpful prompts to explore where I have been and am going.

  • What in the last year are you proud of?
  • What did last year leave you yearning for?
  • What’s causing you anxiety?
  • What resources, skills, and practices can you rely on in the coming year?
  • What are your wildest, most harebrained ideas and dreams?
I especially love the last question. As a certified dreamer and someone with many out-of-the-box ideas, I enjoy thinking about possibilities.     

For example: Could this be the year that we find a cure for cancer? And what if it is not from drugs, but comes from wellness practices, natural products, and technologies instead?  Could our therapies become a standard part of medical care?  Could we as humans start getting along better? And what would it take to create lasting world peace?

There are so many positive things that could happen this year. But they don’t have to be wild or harebrained to be valuable and significant.  Such as the peace and healing that happens every day for people with cancer in the LifeSpark program.   One of the things we are working on this year is to reduce the wait list issues we have been having for in-person sessions.  We are considering technology and other solutions to assist with this, but would also love to hear your ideas.      

2024 will move fast with many distractions. LifeSpark will navigate these times by staying focused on what is most important. What practices are you putting in place that will help you be your best self this year?

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