Relaxed and calm

By Deborah Fox.
“If I can help somebody else, I will!” This sums up Inge’s life and became her motto especially after she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. In searching for resources to support her, she found out about LifeSpark through a friend. After COVID hit, face-to-face sessions were discontinued, and she was very skeptical about doing it over Zoom. But she did it anyway.  “I had to wait a few months to get paired with a practitioner because there was a line ahead of me. Eventually, the right person showed up for Healing Touch.” It was so worth it.

After a few sessions, she Immediately felt the shift in her energy. “I have a very religious background and have always relied on my faith. I felt the power of healing, inside and out. The sessions really helped me deal with stress, and during the guided meditation I felt peace, something I hadn’t felt since the diagnosis.”

She finished breast reconstruction and was able to jump into doing Healing Touch in person. “Treatment is different now that I can feel the touch. I feel so relaxed and calm.” 

Two things spoke to her about what she’d like to do going forward: Hope Held By a Horse, an organization helping people with breast cancer learn, grow, and heal with horses; and doing Healing Touch for others. “I want to be a part of it!” She said, “I am fascinated with energy healing.”

Although she received some support from family, she really got the most support from friends. “My friends really see a difference in me. They refer others to me, and I recommend they get ahold of LifeSpark.” Smart move!

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