A transformational tool to help you shine

By Dena Gould.   EVERY TIME I ask my guides what they would like me to know their first response is – LOVE, ALWAYS LOVE, DENA.

Reflecting on the past year, did it unfold the way you envisioned? I get it, we set intentions at the beginning, and life takes us on unexpected journeys!

My intention word for 2023 was Transformation.

And I’d love to share with you the tool that has most helped me transform and create more Love.

Last year, my biggest transformation was consciously and consistently going into heart coherence.

I am most proud of this. It has had the biggest impact on me, my energy, and therefore everyone and everything around me. I spend more time in Grace and that just gives me permission to Love and accept me.

Heart coherence is a daily practice that helps me to focus on the Love frequency and that feels so much better than focusing on what I personally do not have the means to change.

If you have been living in the frequency of fear and/or anger, please consider breathing with your heart and sending Love to yourself and the world. It makes a world of difference. Literally! It will raise the energy of the earth. We are powerful as a collective.

So here are your actions to take:
Every morning, start with heart coherence when you open your eyes. Set the frequency of your day by spending your first morning moments in a little Love glow.

Every night, reflect on your achievements, no matter how small. Take the time to review the things you are most proud of and allow yourself to acknowledge any experiences you wish you had handled differently. When these moments come to mind, envision and embrace them as if you had handled them in the best way possible. By doing this, you release any lingering negativity and prevent it from manifesting in ways you don’t desire

Take a moment to celebrate what you have accomplished in the past year, regardless of whether you achieved specific goals. Allow yourself to be present in your proud moments and start feeling enthusiastic about the new year and the endless possibilities it holds.

And if you feel like it, share them with me HERE! I love to hear what you’re doing and what you’re proud of. 

There are songs that bring me to tears. Find a song that is your go-to when you need to feel.  And remember to Love more.

Much Love,

Here are the steps to heart coherence.

  • FOCUS – Bring your hand and your attention to your heart
  • BREATHE – Breathe in LOVE, exhale your favorite Yuck word.
  • FEEL – Think of a time you felt glowing with love or good feeling.
    Recreate that feeling in you, feel it as you breathe from your heart.

(Posted with permission. Dena Gould is an intuitive healer and advisor, and her blogs can be found on her website LightOfMine.)

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