Six thousand remote sessions

Woman relaxing on a couch with eyes closed listening to headphones while she receives a remote LifeSpark session.

Since 2020, LifeSpark has delivered 6,261 remote Reiki and Healing Touch sessions to 425 cancer patients and caregivers in our program!!!  Wow. This is a major success and demonstrates the power and value of these sessions. Granted, during 2020-2022 there were no other options because we stopped the in-person sessions to keep everyone safe. However, since then, a large number of people have continued to receive remote sessions.

These therapies, Reiki and Healing Touch, work with the body’s energy and help bring it back into balance. Energy can be supported across distances, and those receiving the sessions often report feeling heat or tingling in various parts of their bodies.

In post-session surveys, reported results from those receiving remote sessions are nearly identical to those receiving in-person sessions. In both groups, over 90% reported that they found the sessions either helpful or very helpful for the issue they were facing. For most people, this means relief from pain, stress, and depression. But these therapies are also helpful with nausea and sleeplessness, and they promote a sense of peace and well-being. See the graph that shows the results for the remote session group.

There are many benefits to remote sessions. You can receive them anywhere and it doesn’t matter where you live. And, if you are traveling or out of town, remote sessions can still occur.  For people who are homebound or too sick to travel, remote sessions are an excellent option.  And in times of snowstorms or other poor weather, like today in Colorado, they keep you home where you are safe.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that there are generally no waiting lists.  All you need to do is sign up.  It usually takes about week to get you connected with one of our LifeSpark providers. You must have cancer, be recovering from cancer, or be the primary caregiver of someone who has cancer.  We give preference to those who live in Colorado.

In the last four years, several LifeSpark providers have moved out of state for various reasons. Because of our remote program, they have been able to continue their healing work with cancer patients and have found great meaning in this experience. One of our Reiki providers recently moved to Portugal and continues to offer LifeSpark sessions from there because she can.

LifeSpark also offers in-person, hands-on Reiki and Healing Touch sessions. These sessions occur at 13 local churches and spas along the Colorado front range. However, although it varies by location, most in-person locations have waiting lists and you might have to wait several months or more to get in.  We have been working to resolve this and have made some progress.  At the start of the year, we had nearly 50 people waiting for in-person LifeSpark sessions. As of right now, our in-person wait list is 36 people. It’s still too long. But we are making progress.

However, right now, one of our locations for in-person sessions has NO WAITING. We offer sessions at a church in Loveland and are open to supporting cancer patients right now at that location. If you know someone with cancer who lives in the Loveland/Ft Collins area, let them know about our availability.  Here is the LINK to sign up.

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