Can’t heal without love

All you need is love (All together now)
All you need is love (Everybody)
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need. 

Love is all you need.
Love is all you need.  The Beetles, 1967

In early 2021, during the height of the Covid lockdowns, one of our providers got COVID.  At that time no visitors were allowed in the hospital.  Her husband, who was a nurse at one of the hospitals told her to stay home and let him care for her rather than go into the hospital because Honey, you can’t heal without love.” 

I have thought of his words often. You can’t heal without love.”  Whether he knew it or not, a lot of research backs it up.

For the past 25 years, the HeartMath Institute has been researching how our heart influences our emotions, perceptions, and health. Their research shows that states of appreciation, kindness, and love actually change our heart rhythms, and lower stress, fatigue, and depression, while improving focus, sleep, and calmness.

When we focus on the good things, we see more of them. HeartMath and other experts recommend loving yourself.  If you are ill or having physical challenges, focus on what IS going well in your body and thank that part of you for its good health. 

Another practice, which comes easily to most of us, is to focus on our love for family members, friends, pets, and even people we don’t know. The science behind this is surprisingly real. When we love others, it changes us.

Love is part of the package at LifeSpark. Our providers hold compassion and love as part of their intention and purpose in each healing session. If you have cancer and have not done so already, sign up for LifeSpark sessions.  If you are a Reiki or Healing Touch provider, join our ranks, or tell a practitioner about us. You can also add LifeSpark participants to your daily prayers, and send them love. 

Love is never wasted. Fostering states of love and compassion not only supports others but is also good for you. A true win-win!  Maybe we really can’t heal without love.

What steps will you take this month to enhance the love and compassion in your life?  

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