Finding the blessing

Jessica Norwood had a busy, happy life with three kids and her husband James. She was also beginning to build her coaching business using her biggest gift: developing others. Then, a double surprise: first, a diagnosis of breast cancer this past March after a routine mammogram. Then, a layoff from her job. She was definitely stunned.  “Why me? How can I have breast cancer? No one in my family had it, and I take good care of myself!”

She sought out available resources and quickly welcomed Reiki through LifeSpark, and was matched with a provider. “I will take whatever I can right now as long as it’s not drugs or meds!”

Getting laid off let her take a rest these last few months and focus on her healing as well as her new coaching business. “Cancer helped me take horrible things and make them a blessing.”

Jessica was intrigued by how much the sessions helped as well as what happened during the sessions. Best of all it gave her a real opportunity to focus on her own healing. “In the first session, the practitioner picked up that I had a broken toe.” In one of her last sessions with her practitioner, she had a strong sense of her grandmother’s presence which really helped with her healing.

She explained there were many benefits from the sessions, including much more restful sleep. Now she is working to get her stamina back. “The sessions made me feel so much more present in my life. You cannot control so many things, but Reiki offers a wonderful space to take care of your body, but it’s also working to heal you.”

Look for Jessica volunteering at the upcoming Touching Tomorrow Luncheon.

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