When doing good is good for you

One of the great things about LifeSpark is how supporting those with cancer increases the well-being of those delivering the services.  I frequently hear from LifeSpark Reiki and Healing Touch providers that they feel that they benefit as much as the person receiving their sessions. Part of it is because when we work with energy, we also receive the energetic benefits. But part of it has to do with connecting with and supporting another person.

Volunteering has many benefits. A national study of 3,351 people found that those who volunteer feel healthier, have improved mood, have less stress, and feel a sense of purpose.  Read the article. 

The evidence is compelling.  Want to improve your health and well-being?  Volunteer!!! 

In today‚Äôs chaotic and polarized world, LifeSpark offers peace and meaning not only for those we serve, but also for those who give.  It is truly a win-win. 

Here are four volunteer opportunities.

  • Become a LifeSpark Reiki or Healing Touch volunteer: We have waiting lists of people with cancer along the Colorado front range. Join our team.  OR.. forward this to someone who may be able to.  More.
  • Join a Committee: Help create, set up, and staff events. More.
  • Host a Community Building Event: These are in-home events in the Metro-Denver area where we gather and get to know each other. More. 
  • Become an Energy Ambassador: Send daily prayers or healing energy to those in our program and our events. You can do this from anywhere.

Be part of the solution, and find the incredible meaning in supporting others in need.

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