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When doing good is good for you

One of the great things about LifeSpark is how supporting those with cancer increases the well-being of those delivering the

The faces of peace

By Sandy PriesterWe all know someone with cancer.  Who among us has not seen the difficulties, both physical and mental,

A world with fewer drugs

By Sandy Priester. Did you know that one in six Americans are taking anti-depressants?  When I first learned this, I

New Year’s message

1/06/2023. By Sandy Priester. It is a new year and an opportunity to reflect. What are you leaving behind in

Responding to violence

5/25/2022. By Sandy Priester.   As more violence makes the news, we may be pondering if the madness will ever end. 

Prayers for Ukraine

3/4/2022.  By Sandy Priester We are one community, and truly, we are one world. I am dismayed by the Russian