Responding to violence

5/25/2022. By Sandy Priester.  

As more violence makes the news, we may be pondering if the madness will ever end. 

Many of the spiritual teachers that I follow suggest that in times like these, we need to look within.  Creating peace in our communities begins by finding peace within ourselves.  Ending hatred and violence around us begins by doing the inner work of clearing it from ourselves first. 

We truly cannot change anyone but ourselves.  With that in mind, where in your life do you hold bitterness, anger, and resentment?  Healing our own wounded emotions is one of the most powerful steps we can take in creating peace.  Because when there is peace in our hearts, it ripples out to our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities. 

What brings you peace and contentment?  Maybe it is gardening, time with friends or pets, creating art, or playing a musical instrument.  Or maybe you have a meditation or yoga practice.  Many of us in LifeSpark give ourselves a Reiki or Healing Touch self-treatment every day, which is a powerful self-care tool.  

LifeSpark also has guided imagery on our website that promotes wellness. Here is the link.  Listen to these audio files at any time at no cost. It is our gift to you.

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