Creating a More Peaceful World

4/8/2022. By Sandy Priester.

How do we create a more peaceful world?  It begins with each one of us.

If you hold anger, fear, and hatred in your emotions on a regular basis, others will feel it. Even if they are not consciously aware of it, your emotional state will have a negative impact on those around you.

However, if you are regularly feeling peace, compassion, joy, and gratitude, that will also impact those around you. And you will be contributing to a more peaceful home, family, and community.

LifeSpark is a “healing” organization. We routinely hold the emotional states of peace and compassion. This is part of how we support individuals with cancer, which helps them to feel more peaceful and calmer as well.

When we come together as a group, such as at an event like NightSparks, our combined energies amplify these positive feelings. With many LifeSpark providers present at the event, we can all bask in the collective energy of the group, and each one of us benefits from it.

NightSparks, of course, is also a fundraising event. Every dollar raised helps us do our work.  Many people find great joy and meaning in contributing, whether it is by purchasing cool items in our auction or making a donation. The event is fun and enjoyable, and people leave feeling good about their participation.

It is obvious that things need to change out there in the world. Supporting LifeSpark is a great way to make a positive difference. We start right here at home with those in our community with cancer.

Creating a more peaceful world starts with you and me.

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