A world with fewer drugs

By Sandy Priester.
Did you know that one in six Americans are taking anti-depressants?  When I first learned this, I was stunned.  What a sad state our world is in that so many people need this level of support.

But my second reaction was more jaded. Why are so many people given drugs, when many of them could probably find emotional balance through natural methods?

One of the side-effects of these drugs is what is called “emotional blunting”. While the drugs blunt the emotional pain, for many, they also blunt joy, happiness, and other emotions. They remove a good deal of the joy, hope, and experience of living.

Here is what Lynne McTaggart, investigative journalist in the fields of healing and intention, reports about these drugs.

“A meta-analysis of 112 clinical trials discovered that both healthy volunteers and patients suffering from depression experienced what is referred to in the psychiatric trade as “emotional blunting” while taking SSRIs (Neuropsychiatry, 2019; 16(2): 75–85).

In an Oxford University survey of nearly 700 patients, about half of patients on either the first or second generation of SSRI drugs ….. reported a restriction in the range of emotions they were able to feel, including the ability to experience enjoyment or even to cry (J Affect Disord, 2017;221:31–35).

Between 40 and 60 percent of SSRI users report this kind of emotional deadening.” Read the article.

There are other ways to achieve emotional balance.  While we would never suggest stopping or changing a prescribed medication, LifeSpark continues to be an advocate for natural methods of promoting peace and well-being. Let anti-depressants be the last resort after other practices have been tried.

Reiki and Healing Touch are known for reducing stress and depression and promoting well-being.  Other holistic practices that support healthy living include massage, coaching, yoga, nature, writing, art, and so many more.

Your support allows us to provide peace and healing for cancer patients. Together we will create a world that needs fewer drugs, especially those for mental and emotional pain.

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