The faces of peace

By Sandy Priester
We all know someone with cancer.  Who among us has not seen the difficulties, both physical and mental, that cancer can bring?

Maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of cancer can be challenging, to say the least. Cancer has a way of completely disrupting one’s life.  So how does one find peace and well-being when one’s whole world has been upended?

Although there is no simple answer, peace is mostly a matter of being in the present moment and letting go of worries and fears.  Easy to say. Not so easy to do!!!!!

And yet lots of people with cancer are able to do just that.  Maybe not all the time. But often enough to make a difference.  Some who I have talked with are even able to maintain this state of peace, calm, and well-being over long periods of time.

For many, LifeSpark sessions are the catalyst that helps make this happen. It is easier to let go of worries if someone is supporting you.

That is the beauty of LifeSpark sessions. They require very little effort and there is nothing that one needs to do during a session except relax. They support deep relaxation and peace, the place where all true healing occurs. And over time those receiving can can learn how to make this their normal state of being.

At LifeSpark, more often than not, the faces of those who receive our wellness sessions ARE the faces of peace. 

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