Denver ranked as a top “kindhearted” city

3/22/2022.  By Sandy Priester.
Did you know that Denver is a kindhearted city?

Volunteer Match recently ranked Denver as number six in the nation for the most volunteer engagement.  They combed through troves of public information as well as their own data, and just published their “top 50 Kindhearted Cities” list.  See the list.

But you already knew that Denver and Colorado are filled with kind and compassionate people. You are probably one of them.

Why is kindness important now?

There is a growing body of research that explores whether kindness is an innate quality within each of us. Is it something we’re born with? Is it something we’re taught? Is it a quality within our communities that perhaps we require, to some extent, to live healthy and fulfilling lives?

The answer to all of the above is yes. Kindness—defined as being considerate, helpful, humane, charitable, or of service to others—is intrinsic to humanity. A baseline level of kindness is a human characteristic that must be actively cultivated if we’re to ensure a good life for ourselves and those around us.

As we continue to live in a world filled with violence, chaos, fear, and divisiveness, kindness in our communities has never been so essential. Acts of kindness benefit all involved.  They not only support the person receiving, but the positive benefits ripple out to the family and community while bringing joy and meaning to the person delivering the kindness.

Here at LifeSpark, nearly 80 Reiki and Healing Touch providers offer kindness, compassion, peace, and healing every day to individuals with cancer.  Kindness is central to who we are!

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