Using the right-brain to support healing from cancer

By Deborah Fox.

Vicki Thompson loves doing financial planning and using her left brain to solve problems. The left deals with logical thought; the right deals with things such as our imagination, intuition, and creativity. She gets very excited when talking about her left brain activities, and it has always worked well. So when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative breast cancer in 2019, she assumed she could use the same approach relying on her left brain to fix the problem.

At first, she did exactly what she was told. “The Nurse Navigator sent me an email with pages and pages of cancer-related resources. I opened it up and, out of literally hundreds of resources, my eyes were drawn to the LifeSpark entry offering Reiki and Healing Touch.” Definitely not left brain!

She says she was very open to things like this. Being raised Catholic, she had a strong belief in the power of faith. In her late 20’s she started to listen to Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer and also developed a strong understanding of the power of intention. “I was meant to see the message and thought ‘Why not add LifeSpark to my treatment plan?’”

She got matched with a Healing Touch provider through LifeSpark and began sessions. After 4 sessions, she knew everything completely shifted. Her left brain took a backseat and her more spiritual, right side took over. “I got a very strong message: You are going to live through this and you are going to do this for other people with cancer.”

It took her eight sessions to really understand and allow everything to fully take effect on her healing journey. It was then that she immediately leaped into Healing Touch and is in the final process of becoming a Certified Practitioner. She has also explored Reiki and considers herself fortunate to bring together both modalities, Reiki and Healing Touch while providing sessions to LifeSpark participants.

Vicki truly enthusiastically believes in the mission of LifeSpark and is grateful for the courage of the practitioners. Wanting to do more than donate her time, she decided to become a monthly donor. “It’s easy – I don’t have to think about it. A little bit each month is a nice reminder for me about my contribution to LifeSpark.” It’s a subscription, she says, that can be increased at any time.

And like a true financial planner, she reminds us all that the contribution can be written off on our taxes.


Here is information on the many ways to donate to LifeSpark.

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