Alayne’s Journey

By Maureen Geittmann.

The journey began in October 2020. Alayne, who was a lifetime hiker and athlete, felt her heart rate soar during a routine hike.  She struggled to breathe. Although her doctor said that age would do that, the symptoms weren’t from aging. High blood pressure led to further testing for the following two months, which revealed very high cortisol levels.

In January 2021, she was given a CT scan and diagnosed with an adrenal tumor. What she hoped would be a simple surgery unraveled into complications.  The team found two large tumors, which they removed along with the left adrenal gland, spleen, and part of the pancreas. One of the tumors was compromised when it was removed, and her cancer spread. Other tumors developed in her stomach. She was diagnosed with a very rare form of Adrenal Cancer.

Only six medical centers in the U.S. work with this type of cancer and University of Colorado Health/Anschutz Denver was included in the list.  She could stay in Denver for treatments. Eradicating her cancer had a 23% success rate with immunotherapy and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, Alayne had a severe allergic reaction to the immunotherapy. This left chemotherapy as the only option and she hoped that it would do the job.

Help came from an unexpected direction. A social worker at UC Health told Alayne about LifeSpark, and during one of her chemotherapy visits, she read a flyer about LifeSpark’s wonderful organization for cancer patients. Alayne had received a healing session many years prior and believed that energy healing “can only help and do no harm.”

She knows that health is multifaceted which includes energy healing, meditation, and a positive attitude. Alayne has a favorite quote: “We give you the tools to heal but you still have to swim.” She signed up online and was soon matched with a LifeSpark Healing Touch provider.

It has not been an easy journey for Alayne as she recently had another major surgery and continues to live scan to scan. She feels that Healing Touch gives her the space to swim.  “LifeSpark was a springboard for me,” says Alayne.  “LifeSpark gave me the tools to explore and taught me that the infinite energy within me was available for me to go forward in my healing.”

Now she travels a new path.  Alayne writes daily about where she wants her healing to take her, and she has found that the meditations on the LifeSpark website are a great treasure.  They can turn a difficult day into a doable day. Alayne’s vibrant smile and positive thinking attest to the power of being willing to take an unexpected risk and journey toward healing and peace.

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