Fear is not who I am!

By Maureen Geittmann.

In October 2021, Tami was caring for her mother who was in a memory care facility.  She didn’t believe that her mom was receiving the care she needed or deserved, and Tami was doing everything within her power to change that.

However, she had prioritized her mother’s quality of life over her own, and in the process, she lost herself. The stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration began interfering with her health, and in November she felt a lump in her left breast.

Tami had a diagnostic biopsy, and the diagnosis, delivered in January, was Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a very aggressive form of cancer. Over the next four months, Tami underwent 16 rounds of chemotherapy treatments. Initially, she felt that the tumor was shrinking, but that feeling didn’t last and she found herself, “re-evaluating her life.” She knew the constant stress from her mother’s situation had been taking a toll on her, but she hadn’t paid attention to the signs.  Now her body had finally “gotten her attention” with her cancer diagnosis.

Tami knew she needed to find an answer that would assist her in getting through her health challenge. She searched on the Internet and the first item that came up was LifeSpark’s website. With her MS diagnosis in the nineties, she had learned to meditate and had done some Reiki but never really pursued it.

Reading about LifeSpark’s program, she recognized that there was a lot of healing she could bring into her life including help with anxiety and the feeling of being out of control. In May 2022, Tami reached out to LifeSpark and was soon receiving remote sessions from them. She finished chemotherapy in June and underwent surgery in July.

Now Tami is entering the radiation phase of her treatment. She has been with LifeSpark since June and feels that it has been a lifeline for her.  According to Tami, “Reiki quiets my mind and reminds me to be in the moment…it dissolves my fears.” LifeSpark sessions have given her the gift of understanding “that the fear is not who I am, and it is the mind playing tricks.”

 Tami believes that LifeSpark sessions have been a very important aspect of her healing and have helped her to live in the present. She also finds the guided meditations on the LifeSpark website very helpful, and she is extremely grateful there is no cost attached to LifeSparks’s program.

Unfortunately, her mother’s condition continues to deteriorate. However, going forward, Tami knows that the Reiki she is receiving will continue to assist her in slowing down and leading a healthier and happier life. She now knows that taking care of herself is as important as the care she gives to her mother.  “I feel so supported and seen.”

Now more than ever, given her radiation treatments and the ongoing support of her mother, Tami welcomes the LifeSpark sessions that sustain her and help her move forward without fear, into peace and health.

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