All I need to do is just “be”.

By Maureen Geittmann.     

In late December 2018, Sue was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and entered surgery feeling confident of the outcome. However, the diagnosis had been premature, and 15 more lymph nodes were removed. Her breast cancer was re-categorized. There had been no previous family history of breast cancer, and this was a life changer. It was time for her to step back and seek out self-work and healing that would help her on a deeper level through the months of treatments she was facing.

Sue is a massage therapist, and she is also a Reiki Master. Her career as a massage therapist had left her little time for Reiki. But with her breast cancer and the pain she experienced, she decided to embrace energy healing and work on a more spiritual level. A friend introduced her to LifeSpark, and she realized that this opportunity could move her in the direction she was seeking.

LifeSpark is a cost-free program that would give Sue relief from the demands of co-pays and insurance deductibles and other expensive alternative healing opportunities. She was already totally on board with energy healing. There was only one thing. Sue was anxious about being able to fully relax and receive.

She had always advocated for her clients to be open to healing emotionally and spiritually, and she hoped she would be able to allow this to happen for her own deeper healing to begin. Would LifeSpark be the catalyst that allowed her to relax and give her body permission to heal? She decided to take the leap and enrolled in LifeSpark.

Sue soon discovered that it was the right choice. “It was such an amazing relief to know something was given as a gift and it wouldn’t hurt. Gentleness…pure energy…relaxation. There is so much power in having a person with you, and the focus is on getting rid of pain. All I need to do is just “be”.

Sue has chosen to remain in the healing arts and to continue to receive as she journeys forward. “Energy work is essential for healing” and LifeSpark has been the gift that opened the door for Sue.

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