Cancer survivor supports others in hospital program

By Deborah Fox.     

To say she is a survivor is an understatement. “Cancer is a blessing” seems crazy, but it’s the way Sarah views it. She has been in cancer treatment for various cancers since 1993. Since 2002 she has been in remission from multiple myeloma; since 2013, in remission from breast cancer.

In the midst of all this, she moved to Arizona and wondered how she would meet her spiritual peers since she didn’t know anyone. She literally stumbled into a local Reiki Circle, which she joined for spiritual support. The people in the group were there regularly and fulfilled her need for this type of connection, and she eventually became a Reiki Master.

After moving back to Colorado, she heard about LifeSpark, seeing it as a perfect match for her newly-found passions. “Having cancer slowed me down and made me more aware of the spiritual side of life.” After a year of using Elements Massage as a venue, she was able to move to the Anschutz Cancer Infusion Facility, providing Reiki to cancer patients while they were in treatment. 

Having had lots of chemo treatments herself, this just felt like home to her. And, every chair faces the mountains, so she can bring the energy of the sunlight and the beauty of the mountains into every treatment.  She often tells patients, “I’ve been in a chair like yours,” and they know she understands. She volunteers once a week for several hours, with Reiki sessions limited to 15-20 minutes each, and she works around their medical treatments.

The nurses, many of whom have been Reiki-trained by LifeSpark, are supportive and a delight to work with. She comes in a bit prior to the patients’ arrival so that she might offer a short Reiki session to staff who are available.

Sarah is also a volunteer facilitator for a multiple myeloma support group in the Denver area. We are so fortunate to have Sarah with us, joyfully practicing what she preaches and sharing with others.

Note: LifeSpark provides Reiki and Healing Touch sessions at three hospitals: UCHealth Anschutz Cancer Center (Aurora), UCHealth Memorial Hospital (Colorado Springs), and Denver Health Medical Center Cancer Center (Denver).  There may be availability for additional LifeSpark volunteers at these hospitals.  Learn more.

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