Take Control of your Healing

Experts are saying what many of us have known all along. How we think, feel, and live in the world has a profound impact on our health.

Kelly Turner PhD, in her 2014 book Radical Remission, documented how she researched 1,000+ cases of “radical remission” or the complete recovery from late-stage cancer after all medical interventions had failed.

In this well-documented study, she discovered nine factors that almost every patient who achieved this medically unexplainable remission used. Surprisingly, only two factors were physical: 1) radically changing your diet, and 2) using herbs and supplements. The other seven factors were mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. They included 1) taking control of your health, 2) following your intuition, 3) releasing suppressed emotions, 4) increasing positive emotions, 5) embracing social support, 6) deepening your spiritual connection, and 7) having strong reasons to live.

LifeSpark Reiki and Healing Touch sessions enhance many of the above factors including supporting positive emotions, spiritual connection, and intuition. We offer eight weeks of sessions which also provide social support.  LifeSpark can help regardless of the diagnosis, stage of cancer, or state of mind, and for many, we may be the missing link.

Turner acknowledges that most people need conventional medicine to overcome cancer, and radical remissions are extremely rare. However, regardless of where you are on your cancer journey, you can take control of this part of your healing, and make a positive impact on your health. What do you have to lose? 

Kelly Turner website

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