A mother’s love

By Jann Crock

A day at Denver Health.
In the Davis Building.
In the Cancer Infusion Room.

The air is buzzing with energy.  As I enter the room, I spy this little lady seated in a large recliner ready to receive her chemotherapy.   She is wearing an elegant turban around her head and she tenderly smiles at me.

I ask the nurse if she thinks this specific patient would like Healing Touch. The nurse responds that she just might, but I would have to speak with her son-in-law, who has just stepped out of the room.
Upon his return I introduce myself and I hand the young man a Healing Touch brochure along with the LifeSpark card.  He reads through the materials and says with a smile that he thinks his mother-in-law would enjoy it and would ask her in her native tongue – a form of Arabic.

His mother-in-law agrees and I begin my mini-session.  As I begin to work on her knees and legs, I sit on a stool and face her.  Each time I check her face I notice she is staring at me with beautiful warm brown eyes.  A few times I look away but when my gaze returns her gentle brown eyes are still there, staring at me, meeting my gaze.

Finally she turns to her son-in-law and speaks to him in Arabic. He smiles.  He looks at me and says. “My mother-in-law says your touch reminds her of her mother who lovingly held her in her arms a long, long time ago.”

I pause.
I smile.
My heart just flutters.
I know I am making a difference.

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