I am not only still living, I am thriving!

Lung cancer survivor Sydney Collier tells her story.

It was April 2016 when Sydney Collier was given the news. Stage IV lung cancer! Her children and son-in-law were in the emergency room with her and everyone was in shock. “We all started crying and told the doctors that surely this was not right. This could not be true. I am not a smoker, had a healthy lifestyle, and I exercised regularly.” But the diagnosis was real, and soon she was scheduled for radiation and then chemotherapy. 

In late 2016, she learned about LifeSpark, and soon was matched with Rob Bowe, a Reiki practitioner. 

Her LifeSpark sessions were held at Elements Massage. (15 Elements Massage studios donate space to LifeSpark for Reiki and Healing Touch sessions.) The location was very convenient for her, and the atmosphere was so relaxing. “It is not scary like going to a doctor or other medical place.  It is healing and relaxing, and feels very energizing to come here.” 

The healing touch that Rob used is indescribable except that you feel a difference, an immediate difference. It was the energy that was in his hands, and I could feel that heat. He puts his hands over different body parts and I can the powerful energy and a release. Whether it is tension, muscles, or what ever hurts, I feel the release. And it feels marvelous.

Sydney comments that “When I started working with Rob, I was debilitated, I was sick. There were many times when I could not lay on the massage table at all. He would work with me sitting up. And I would have to cough a lot. When I did lay down, I would need help, and flipping over was not easy.  Sometimes just walking in was difficult. Now, I can do that with ease, and without pain or coughing. I feel like a different person.“

Before cancer, Sydney watched grandchildren three days a week. “But the doctor said no more. You cant do that,” states Sydney. “The cancer had fractured vertebra in my back, they said just lifting a small child is not good.” However much has changed. In addition to her medical treatment, LifeSpark’s sessions have had an impact. “Now I can follow and chase my granddaughter who is 10 months old.”

“My doctor tells me that I should be a poster child for lung cancer. I don’t know what that means exactly, but it is just fun to be able to have this quality of life and enjoy it. To enjoy being here.”

It has been two years since her diagnosis. “Not only am I still living, which is kind of a miracle, but I am thriving!  I am getting the best that life has to offer.”

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