Integrative healing methods work and I am living proof!

By Karl White.

In 2014 with absolutely no symptoms, I went in for my 50-year-old preventative colposcopy and was shocked when the results came back as stage 3-4 Mantel Cell Lymphoma (MCL).

I quickly spiraled into a nice depression while we scrambled to get a second opinion and discussed treatment options, which ranged from “wait and see” to “you are young, hit it with the big guns”. A month later we agreed to go with the big guns…6 monthly chemo treatments with increasing aggressiveness (3 outpatient then 3 inpatient) and the cherry on top… a month-long, impatient, auto stem cell transplant.

About one-third through treatment, I decided to attend my first Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) annual convention in Denver. During the break, I walked the convention floor in search of survivor tips and perhaps…some quality swag. I came upon LifeSpark and learned about Reiki and the Healing Touch treatments they offered. So I said sign me up!

I showed up not sure what to expect. I met my smiling, sweet therapist Yetta, who took me back to a private room at Elements Massage, and we talked about my path to LifeSpark and what I was looking for. I shared that I would love to get help reducing stress and anxiety, as well as nausea and other gastro issues.

She had a message table all set up with pillows and blankets, and had me lay down, comfortably dressed, dimmed the lights, and started some nice spa music.

I felt her place her hands on key energy points for about five minutes per location and felt heat/energy from her hands as she sometimes hovered her hands over other affected parts of my body. I felt a very warm, loving and calming energy. I pictured healing energy flowing between us and imagined the energy removing toxins, and helping my cancer to know it was ok to transition out of my body.

I enjoyed and valued it so much that I went back eight times.

My plan was to combine LifeSpark with my medical treatment from my doctor, and my spiritual treatment from my church to help cure myself.

I am happy to say that three years later I am cancer-free and living life in gratitude for my healing partners.

If you or a loved one has cancer, I would highly recommend you add LifeSpark to your healing regimen!!!

Nama-stay healthy!

PS: I am open to talking to anyone about LifeSpark or my cancer path if it will help.

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