Love is a Healing Agent

By Tony Fahkry

“When love and spirit are brought together, their power can accomplish anything. Then love, power, and spirit are one.” — Deepak Chopra

You must love yourself and embrace the wholeness of your being if you seek to heal your life.

Consider this: how can you possibly heal when your body receives negative messages on how it looks or cannot act?

To heal means to renew and by renewing you strengthen your connection to your Authentic Self. Love means accepting your current circumstances without opposition.

Your opposition to what is manifests as fear. Thus, turn your attention away from fear and embrace your core nature.

At the deepest level, your separation from your Authentic Self intensifies dis-ease in mind and body. To merge with the wholeness of your being is a call to love, as Marianne Williamson states. Self-criticism and self-hate instruct the body to turn on itself.

The power of love to heal your life is distilled in the following ideas:

  1. Love is a healing agent and has the power to renew.
  2. Fear, anxiety, anger, and other lower emotions overshadow this healing force.
  3. You are not broken or flawed. It is only your perception which creates this illusion.
  4. Embrace your wholeness and perfection.
  5. Transform your thoughts relating to your unworthiness and imperfections.
  6. As you heal your thoughts, your body discovers its inherent healing power.
  7. Meditate on aspects of love in your daily life.
  8. In essence, love is simply the absence of fear. For what is eternal is love’s enduring power.

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