Your Body, Your Health

2/11/2022.  By Sandy Priester

Your primary health care is your self-care, your lifestyle.
Healthcare doesn’t start at the doctor’s office. It starts in your home.”
Pamela Miles, international Reiki teacher and writer  

Many of you know that my husband Bob and I give each other healing sessions every day.  It started at the beginning of Covid 19 when we were looking for a way to keep our immune systems strong.  But the practice has been so beneficial that we have continued.

If I have a headache or feel sick, Bob will say “It is my turn . . . to give.” And I will get on our massage table and receive healing from him.  If he has aches or pains, it will be “my turn to give.”  Even when we both feel well, (which is most of the time), we continue, because this daily practice keeps us healthy.

After two years of Covid, everyone knows that a strong immune system is important.  However, public announcements only talk about medical interventions such as masks, vaccines, and social distancing.  While these are effective, they are short-term.

There is a missed opportunity for education about self-care, and the power of personal habits to stay healthy and recover from illness over the long haul.  Things like eating fresh produce, and moving one’s body, whether with exercise, stretches, or simply walking around the block can over time, make a significant difference in our body’s natural defenses.

Additionally, research has demonstrated that thoughts and feelings really do impact our health.  Finding ways to lower stress is one of the best ways to support a healthy body.

Although there are many conditions beyond our control, we always have choices.  We can choose to find the good things in each day.  We can choose to spend time with those we love – partners, friends, and pets.  We can choose practices to manage stress like meditation, Reiki, or Healing Touch.

What healthy practice will you begin this year?  Truly, the self-care habits that we establish today are the building blocks for our future health.

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