Peace changes everything.

By Sandy Priester.

LifeSpark is a community of people who believe that peace changes everything.

Peace slows our heart rate, clears our mind, relaxes our body, and helps us see our situation from a clearer place. That peace ripples out and impacts others in ways that we may not even know.

Here is what LifeSpark participants say about our sessions:

“I came to the sessions exhausted and depressed, but during the sessions I became totally relaxed and could let go of the anxiety. The day after a treatment, I functioned more clearly and was so grateful”.

“In a frightening time of confusion, the sessions helped calm my mind and body.” 

“The love, the patience, the relaxation, the healing is more than I can explain. I don’t have that anywhere else in my life.” 

YOU are part of this community. YOU are one of us. Thank you for staying connected and helping us be the change.

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