Poetry from a breast cancer survivor

By Denise, a breast cancer survivor.

Every Monday I look forward to entering my healing place.  My LifeSpark provider opens and holds this special space for me.  The rhythm and regularity help me enter more deeply and quickly.  To receive undivided, focused attention and unconditional love for an hour each week is the ultimate in being nurtured.

It’s a place I’ve brought my tears of discouragement, fears, confusion, and pain and found a safe place to let them go.  It’s difficult to be vulnerable, but I am validated for being human and needy at times—a difficult concept for a hardcore care-giver.  Above all, it’s the magical place that arises in her presence…a place of light and love and golden helpers and deep rest, beyond all words and concepts.

When we are done with each session, she says “welcome back” and we smile knowing we’ve shared a mystery beyond either of us.  Sharing the awe of that moment, my heart is opened wider and broader and I am deeply grateful…gratitude from an unfathomably deep pool that dilates and ripples eclipsing all pain and confusion, until only gratitude exists.

LifeSpark is the soft swish

of dancing arms above my head

Like a soaring bird that lifts my heart

It is the place of golden light

A pool of love in which

I sink and drink deeply

It is the soft lavender and indigo

Of silence and a rippling pool of

Gratitude growing in my heart

Overflowing in my eyes.

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