Relief from Physical Symptoms & Emotional Unease

By Cecelia Girz.

I was diagnosed with invasive ductile carcinoma, breast cancer, two years ago. The chemotherapy treatments resulted in neuropathy in my hands and feet that has lasted more than 18 months. I have been using a variety of modalities—supplements, physical exercises, acupuncture, electrical stimulation—to lessen the symptoms and hopefully heal these nerves. More recently, I’ve added Reiki as one of those modalities.

I have been under the care of a LifeSpark Reiki practitioner, remotely during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have found not only relief from my physical symptoms, but from emotional unease, as well.

In addition to the tingling and numbness of my neuropathy, Reiki has also addressed and relieved anxiety around knowing that I have had a cancerous tumor that could recur, as well as painful emotions from routine life events such as the death of my husband shortly after my treatments ended.

Reiki has helped me become calmer and more peaceful, surely emotional states that can only contribute to my long-term healing.

I recently recommended LifeSpark to a technically-trained friend who has prostate cancer. He was skeptical, but I emphasized that I have experienced healing this way, and suggested he consider setting up an appointment with LifeSpark.  I have advanced degrees in physics and that training alone could have made me rule out Reiki, especially Reiki performed remotely, but I find Reiki is effective.

I am very grateful to LifeSpark for providing me access to Reiki and to the skilled Reiki practitioner for her help. Thank you LifeSpark for providing this free service, and to all those who make it possible.

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