Silver Linings

By Sandy Priester.

Many of you have told us that we have been a blessing to you or your loved ones.  A “silver lining” in an otherwise very challenging cancer journey.

LifeSpark has faced difficulties as well. However, the silver lining during Covid for us has been the opportunity to make our services available remotely, which allows us to serve you and your family no matter where you live.

Although LifeSpark has not actively promoted our program outside of Colorado, we have now served people in 20 states!  Our focus is still Colorado though, with 90% of those we serve right here in the Colorado front range.

Here is what some of you are saying about our remote services.

“I was skeptical at first about doing sessions over zoom, but I have felt each session as if I was there. It has helped ease physical discomfort. But also opened my eyes that you don’t have to see something for it to work.”

“I would not have done Reiki if it were not for this opportunity.  Because of Covid, LifeSpark was available to a cancer patient in Connecticut.  Lucky me!  It has been a weekly boost of energy I look forward to.”

“I love the convenience of virtual sessions, and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my physical symptoms and mental health.”

We are all in this together, and I am personally grateful to each of you for your participation and support of LifeSpark, as well as all that you do in your community.

May we all find the “silver linings” during these last days of 2021.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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