Deep peace and inner calm: My story

By Deborah Baker

If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have said that I am the least likely person to ever get cancer.

For as long as I can remember, I have lived a very healthy lifestyle. I became interested in nutrition at a young age, and I ate what would now be called an anti-cancer diet long before it was popular. I have always been physically active, and I have been studying and practicing yoga for over 30 years.

But cancer does not discriminate. At the age of 53, the unimaginable happened. I found a lump in my neck, and went to the doctor. I was shocked to learn that I had advanced stage, aggressive lymphoma. Even just two decades ago, this diagnosis would have been a death sentence.

My treatment included surgery, uncomfortable blood draws 3 days a week, and high-dose chemotherapy infusions every other week that made me extremely ill. Because of the treatment, my blood counts were very low, and my immune system was extremely compromised. This meant that other than frequent trips to the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute, I had to stay away from public places altogether.

Returning home after one of my infusions, I developed a very high fever (104 degrees) and returned to the hospital emergency room. I was soon admitted to the ICU because all of my vital signs began crashing. I had pneumonia and subsequently developed septicemia. This was the end of my life, I thought. However, I pulled through after a week and feel so fortunate for the extraordinary care I received.

My cancer regimen was harsh, but it was successful, and after several months I went into complete remission. It had literally saved my life!!  The cancer was gone, and it was now time for me to find resources to restore myself to health. I learned about Life Spark at a Leukemia Lymphoma Society meeting.

The Reiki and Healing Treatments I received were remarkable, and the state of calm I felt was indescribable. I was feeling tremendous anxiety, and I credit these sessions with teaching me to find deep quiet within myself in the face of great fear.

LifeSpark sessions helped my body recover from a fairly ravaged state. My husband and sons love me deeply but were not skilled at nurturing me or providing the support I needed. The healing sessions were deeply nourishing and taught me to tap into the inner calm I required to become self-reliant again.

I was so grateful to Life Spark that I learned Reiki so that I could volunteer. I have gone through training, and am now an official LifeSpark Reiki Provider!! I am ready to begin helping others who are suffering, just as I did, from the myriad effects of cancer.

LifeSpark sessions helped me find deep peace, and this is the gift I want to give to others. You can help too!! Please donate to LifeSpark, so that others can find peace and calm on their cancer journey.

With gratitude,

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