Do we humans have an energetic field around us?

By Dr. Brian K. Wilson, DC, DABCI.

During my over 50 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic, much has changed about the understanding of the nature of healing people.  Investigation at the molecular level in living beings, acceptance of manipulative medicine, and the emergence of functional and holistic medicine are examples.  Treating the whole person is no longer considered a radical concept. Even acupuncture is pretty much mainstream today.

Advanced post-doctorate training is the norm in professions such as chiropractic, dental, medical, naturopathic, optometry, osteopathic, and psychiatry/psychology. Highly credentialed physicians and therapists in behavioral science are now on mainstream TV.  No doubt that the quality of medical training has improved tremendously in the 20th and now the 21st Centuries.

The use of energy in technology is now commonplace. Think for a moment; the use of superpulsed and surgical lasers, MRI machines, and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy). A PEMF system was recently approved by the FDA for eliminating solid cancers and other tumors! These therapies work!

But, what about the traditional activities which work— using simple things like special foods, exercises, fasting, and hands-on therapies?  There is a growing body of research that backs this up.  Energy-based therapies such as Reiki, and Healing Touch are effective.

Whether humans have an energetic field around them that has communication and energy transfer qualities is probably still not at all settled.  However, the presence of properly intentioned hands giving healing therapy still has value—it surely helps.  The mind-body connection is real, and when cancer patients feel better because of LifeSpark sessions, it makes the hill less difficult for them to climb. The evidence is in the stories these patients tell. 

With so many encouraging reports from LifeSpark clients receiving hands-on therapies, my wife, Marion and I will continue to support LifeSpark, to make sure those battling malignant disease have access to the benefits of LifeSpark Cancer Resources.  Great gratitude goes to all who support these new directions in health and healing.


Note: Brian and Marion Wilson have been major LifeSpark donors since LifeSpark’s inception in 2005. Brian holds a post-doctorate diploma in internal disorders from the American Board of Chiropractic Internists.

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