91% report that Distant Sessions are effective!

4/8/2021. By Sandy Priester.

Every month LifeSpark sends an evaluation form to those receiving sessions in our program. Over the past nine months we have received 178 responses.  51% were looking for help with stress/anxiety, 33% for help with pain, and 16% for help with depression/sadness. During this time frame, all LifeSpark sessions were delivered at a distance over the internet to keep everyone safe.

When asked how they would rate the sessions (on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best), 91% reported that LifeSpark distant sessions were effective (rated them at a 4 or 5).  See the graph.

In addition 96% said that they would refer others to LifeSpark.

The survey also asks for comments. Here is what one participant said:

“I have been immensely grateful to have found this program. I have been dealing with a significant amount of stress, depression and pain…. that has lead to me isolating myself from friends and family. I am beginning to see some of these things lift. I’m so grateful and have been so thankful to have had the opportunity to do some energy healing. It has been a huge gift. I’ve already referred several other cancer patients. This is what has been missing for me!”

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