Biofield research on lung cancer

We believe that the future of medicine is a collaborative one. 

In a recent research study, an energy healer was used to influence lung cancer in mice.  The outcomes of this study suggest that exposure to biofield therapy (the medical term for energy healing) may enhance the immune system and support cancer cell death.

According to researchers “In the experimental group, there was a significant increase in cells (cleaved caspase-3 positive cells) activated during apoptosis (programed cell death) as well as immune cells (CD8+/CD45+) responsible for targeting cancer.”  Read more HERE.

While this is very early research, the implications are encouraging and exciting.

A groundbreaking 2010 study with 30 ovarian cancer patients who were receiving chemo and radiation showed that those receiving Healing Touch had an increase in cytokins (part of the immune system). The immune system of the Healing Touch group remained relatively strong compared to a sharp decline in the immune system for those without Healing Touch. Read more HERE.

LifeSpark therapies (Healing Touch and Reiki) focus on health and wellness for the whole person. When our bodies are relaxed and in balance, our immune system works at its best. LifeSpark therapies enhance self-healing, which supports all medical treatments.

When western medicine is combined with mind/body approaches such as ours, we have the best of both, and amazing things can happen!

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