Fills me with wonder!

By Sandy Priester.

Barbara Reinish is a nine-year volunteer in LifeSpark, and is providing weekly Healing Touch sessions to her 23rd LifeSpark participant this month.

She is one of nearly 100 LifeSpark volunteer providers. She raised her three children in Aspen and then moved to Chicago, where she was Director of the Osher Lifelong Learning program at Northwestern University.

Introduced to energy work in the 90s, Barbara spent years learning and eventually becoming certified. She and her husband moved to Denver in 2011 to be near their grown children and found LifeSpark shortly thereafter.

“I love energy work!” states Barbara. “I observe how people relax during the sessions and I see the deep relief in their faces. They tell me that they feel comforted and cared for, and giving sessions to cancer patients in LifeSpark fills me with wonder!.” 

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