LifeSpark survey results. Sessions drop stress, depression by half.

2/16/2018.  By Sandy Priester.

LifeSpark offers free Reiki and Healing Touch sessions during and after cancer. The first week of each month, we survey everyone receiving services in our program. We recently tallied 306 LifeSpark surveys and here are some of the results.

  • Stress/anxiety on average decreased by 47%
  • Depression/sadness on average decreased by 50%
  • Pain on average decreased by 51%
  • 60% of those surveyed marked stress/anxiety as their number one concern, while 40% marked pain, and 20% marked depression/sadness as the top concern. In addition, 100% of those surveyed said that they would refer others to our program.

There are nearly 150 studies of Reiki and Healing Touch that indicate that these therapies may reduce stress, depression, fatigue, and pain while improving comfort and well-being. It is well documented that these therapies are totally safe with no side effects. Hundreds of studies show that the mind and body are connected and there is growing evidence that emotional distress, including depression and anxiety, are linked to poorer health outcomes.

In an age when there seems to be a medication for every malady, more and more patients are opting for natural therapies that are supportive without side effects. We restore peace and balance and enhance the quality of life.

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