Are you part of our tribe?

By Sandy Priester, Executive Director of LifeSpark

Do you have a sense of belonging and purpose? Many people are looking for this.

Are you part of our “tribe”?

Here is a quick test to find out. Do you believe that…

  • Do our thoughts and emotions have an impact on healing?
  • We are all connected?
  • “Wellness” is different than an absence of illness?

Every day LifeSpark provides wellness sessions to loved ones with cancer right here in this community because we believe that everyone deserves peace and healing.

If this feels good, if it feels right to you, then you might be part of our tribe. In other words, you might find kindred spirits in the LifeSpark community. You may discover that participating with us brings you a sense of belonging and purpose.

There are several ways that you can explore this.

  • Attend Diamonds & Denim on March 2! This fundraising event will be a “party for a purpose”, to raise funds for our service work.
  • Volunteer with LifeSpark! You can help at events, with other LifeSpark needs, or as an active Reiki or Healing Touch provider.
  • Donate! Yes, making a financial contribution just feels good.

You may have ideas or talents that you wish to share. Feel free to give me a call at 303-425-5670. I would love to speak with you.

LifeSpark has important work to do in 2017. We plan to provide peace and healing to 250 individuals with cancer and their caregivers this year.

Are you part of our “tribe”? This may be the year to find out.

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