In Blessed Service: LifeSpark

By Blair Chandler, LifeSpark Provider

I walk into the Boulder Elements Spa location (a partner with LifeSpark) and wait for my client. She arrives with a smile and I lead her down the hall to an open treatment room. For an hour, I get to be in her presence. I get the honor of hearing her share the successes, concerns, joys, and fears of the week. She shares from her heart. There is no one to impress. A tear comes. I am here to listen–my heart is opening. I know I am here to serve in whatever way she wants and to gently provide Reiki on the table. Her strength and courage in the face of uncertainty and pain is remarkable. I am truly in awe. I bow to her vulnerability, her wisdom, her sense of her body, and her deep knowing. She is open, trusting, kind, and most of all incredibly gracious.

I can’t possibly know what to expect when I arrive, but I am ready every week to drop any concerns in my own life to be fully 100% present for my client. I am learning quickly that new medicine protocols, pain cycles, and uncertainty around financial burdens, etc. can and does change a lot. I get to practice compassion and patience for pain and fear I will never know and silences that will never be revealed.

These are some initial observations and reflections after working with LifeSpark, a Colorado non-profit organization, that provides 12 free Reiki or Healing Touch sessions (24 if there is not anyone on the wait list) to any adult going through cancer treatments. This is a tremendous local resource that is available, and I want people to know about it because there are so many great practitioners who have signed up for the LifeSpark professional training so they can be part of the staff providing energy work in specific locations throughout Colorado and if needed in peoples homes. The network of talented and gentle caring providers I have met so far is truly wonderful.

My wish is to provide sacred space for people on their healing journeys. I cherish truth and transparency, beauty and service. When I am in the presence of someone who is asking for help, I see those values in others. No, it is not easy. It is not comfortable. It is, however, inspiring me to be the best person I can be so I can show up to hold space for someone’s highest good and highest healing. Period.

This type of client engagement has brought up a lot about my own mortality, boundaries, and judgments, and yet it is powerful and life-changing to be in such a relationship and holding loving intentions. The faith and the love that I feel during a session are beyond words. There is a sweet sweet preciousness to it.

Time with a client is my tug on the ear; my reminder of the gift of each moment to choose how I would face adversity and how I would overcome challenges and how I want to live. It is the ultimate reality check if you will. It is my wake-up call bringing me into an ever more conscious way of being with living and dying. It helps me to remember what is most important and how I choose to celebrate this precious life I have been gifted and to never take anything for granted. I think I am helping them. Truth is they are showing me how to be a more compassionate, loving, grateful person every day. I am so touched and blessed by the life lessons I am getting.

Working with the LifeSpark organization has been an amazing opportunity for me to give back to the community. I am humbled to be involved in work that touches (and empowers) people on their healing journeys with compassion, love, and genuine respect for all involved. When I give, I also receive.

I am grateful to be desiring a more conscious way of being in the world. What changes will I make to my life to have that life of no regret? I can start with this type of volunteering because making people’s day just a little brighter. Now, that is healing medicine. READ the full article.

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