How LifeSpark helped me feel better and gave me hope!

By Karen Fagan

My name is Karen and this is my story about LifeSpark.  When the doctor walked in, he said only 3 words.  “YOU HAVE CANCER.” And from that moment on, everything changed.

I’m a go-getter.  I have 2 children.  I own my own business as a psychotherapist and see a LOT of people every week; I ride horses in this crazy long-distance sport called “Endurance Riding.”  I own a farm.  I work out. I eat right.   Nothing stops me from achieving.  I’ve always thought that if I just worked harder …. I’d get what I wanted.

2015 was “House Year.” I am a single mom and worked long hours extra hard to buy a house. Which I did in January of this year, and thought “I made it.” I joked that 2016 was going to be “health year” and I’d pay attention to getting all my checkups taken care of.

Over the years I had some GI symptoms, but 3 different doctors told me it was nothing.  I was too young to have problems.  I’d been having anemia, and finding it hard to keep up in Crossfit.  I went to my doctor in early March.  I was thrilled to hear her say I probably had uterine fibroids that caused the anemia, and they would take care of it.  While we’re at it, she said, why don’t we schedule a colonoscopy since you’re over 45 now.  “SURE!  WHY NOT? “  Was my answer, and my fears about my GI issues disappeared.

On March 23, I went for my Colonoscopy, with the expectation that I was fine.  Fast forward to post-procedure, when I was a pretty happy camper all up on Versed, laughing and joking with people (that stuff is GREAT!!).

Then the doctor walked in and said only 3 words.  “You have cancer.”  He had to say it 3 or 4 times before I really got it. And from that moment on, everything changed……

I NEVER go to the doctor.  Suddenly I had a follow-up with oncology and needed a CT scan.  The results?  Stage 4 Rectal cancer with Metastases to my liver. I was going to die. I am a single mom. My children are 10 and 13. What will happen to my kids?

I don’t even remember those first 2 weeks.  My daytimer says I saw clients and none of them quit, so I must have done an ok job, but every thought in my head was about needing to plan so my kids would have a future.  Thinking about Christmas … not just what would I get my kids but would I be there to see them open the packages??  Would I be there for their next birthday?  Who was going to guide them through their teenage years and help them make good choices?  Who was going to be there to hug and kiss them when they got married or had kids?  I was distraught, and couldn’t sleep or eat.  I lost 25 pounds in a month.  But I had to keep going.

Fortunately, I’m a trauma therapist.  So at some point, a little voice in my head said, “You know how to do this.”  I was mad at it, because wallowing in self-pity seemed SOOO much more appropriate at the time.  But I started looking for resources on the Internet. And, I read about LifeSpark.

I never could have afforded to explore alternative therapies without LifeSpark.  I contacted Jackie and got set up with an appointment with the fantastic Yetta.  As I’m lying there on the table receiving my first Healing Touch session, and she says, “Now Karen, I want you to take some deep breaths”.  I began to breathe in spirit and breathe out what no longer served me.  Cancer got snorted out my nose in what I pictured to be little black pieces of confetti.  At the end of that session, I felt better.  Lighter.  And I felt Hope.

I’ve struggled through some pretty dark days.  Wondering if it’s worth putting myself and my family through this, and if it would work.  Wondering where there is room for hope and joy in this mess.  Struggling through being tired, dealing with side effects of the Chemo, and helping my kids through their fears when mine are just as big.

My sessions through LifeSpark get me back to center.  Every time, I go in frazzled, tired, sometimes distraught. And within 5 minutes, I feel better.  Yetta always knows what I need and has been a tremendous support.  By the end of my session, I feel filled up with the light that comes from the center of the earth, flows through me, pushes out all the nasty cancer cells and frustrations with life, and leaves me feeling like I CAN keep going.
Medically, the results have been amazing.  In the first few weeks my CEA – which is a tumor marker for colon cancer – dropped from 15 to 3.  It is now below 1.2, and within the range of “normal” as in – anyone of you could have the same CEA as I do and NOT have cancer.  I am healing.  Cancer is leaving my body and I am living.  I have hope.

Physically, I thank the chemo, but I attribute the rapidity of my improvement to the complementary therapies like Healing Touch that I’ve used.  Integrated healing is the way to go, and I’m here as the poster child.

I’m a go-getter.  And within the next year, I HOPE to be back out there on the trails racing with my friends and my kids, fixing my own fences, sprucing up my new house, and getting back to the business of being ME.  And without LifeSpark, that view would be very different.

LifeSpark’s services are totally free, and they are paid for by donations from people like you.  I hope that you will make a contribution so that others can receive this incredible service.

PS –  LifeSpark provided hope and healing for me.  Please donate so others like me can benefit.

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