Making time for Mom

By Deborah Fox.

These days if you are still working, you are most likely doing it from home. Add to that, your kids who are probably learning from home. And don’t forget those pets! Suddenly your quiet, peaceful sanctuary seems more like a Holiday Inn. Your private moments may be limited to the bathroom.

LifeSpark, too, has adapted by offering remote Reiki and Healing Touch treatments for those with cancer. Even though it is easier to not be constrained by getting to a specific location at a specific time, we have heard some clients say “I cannot do this in my crowded house!”

Remember, this is all about YOU and your well-being. Don’t think that it’s a selfish thing to do – taking care of yourself first lets you put your healing first. Here are a few ideas toward getting what you want:

  • Have a talk about that special Mommy/Daddy time and how important it is. Tell them how much time you need. A session with one of our practitioners is only an hour. Add a little extra time to get ready and maybe a few minutes when you’re done.
  • Notify your family that you are ready to be with them by a signal – opening the door, using a bell, or some other cue.
  • If your kids are older, tell them you’ll in turn honor their own special private time during the week.
  • Pick a specific room in your house that has a door and is quiet.
  • Suggest that during that hour, the tv and music are off.
  • Ask your partner to take the kids outside or for a ride as you take some quiet time (don’t forget to include Doggo on the adventure!)
  • If it’s just you and the kids, ask a neighbor, friend, or relative to come over and have a play time in the yard.
  • Offer a special fun thing after your session and when you’ve had time to calm down. Maybe it’s making cookies or playing a special game.

Remember, you don’t need a lot of time for a session with a LifeSpark practitioner (it’s an hour). A little time will provide you with much-needed time for healing.

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