One participant’s experience with Healing Touch

By Amelia Dress

The machines beep quietly in the background as Jill describes her experiences with Healing Touch. With a long day of chemo treatment ahead of her, Jill suggested we talk by phone while she was in the hospital receiving her treatment.  “It breaks up the boredom,” she laughed.

Jill’s easy laughter is one of the first things a person notices about her.  Another is her determination to beat cancer.  “I don’t rule out any kind of treatment options,” she says when asked about using Healing Touch.  Like many other clients, Jill found information about LifeSpark through her doctor’s office.  She started seeing Irene, a Healing Touch practitioner, in September of 2015, even before she started chemo.  By  October, she had completed several sessions.

“I had no expectations when I started Healing Touch,” Jill says.  Although she’d had some experience with Reiki in the past, Jill hadn’t experienced Healing Touch until she was connected with Irene through LifeSpark.

Irene’s warmth and care immediately set Jill at ease.  After so much grief and anxiety in the wake of her diagnosis of stage IV ovarian cancer, Irene’s comforting manner was a gift.  The sense of well-being that Jill felt during her first encounter with Irene continues into their sessions today.  Not only does Jill notice a difference in how she feels after seeing Irene, her friends and family notice it too.

At the beginning of each session, Jill and Irene set an intention for their time together.  Other than that, Jill doesn’t try to think too much during her sessions.  These times are set aside for relaxing.  “I work on being present but not fixating on what’s happening,” Jill says.  “I feel the energy moving through me and I can tell that’s what Irene is focusing on, too.”

Jill appreciated the Healing Touch so much that she scheduled a session right before major surgery.  Going in for a splenectomy and partial liver removal, Jill had every reason to be nervous.  It completely changed the way she felt.  “I went into surgery feeling excited.  I was even laughing and joking with the surgeon,” Jill says.  Not only that, but her healing afterwards progressed faster than expected.

Jill gives practical advice for those battling cancer.  “Breathe.  Focus on the end-goal.  Avoid bad information.”  Jill puts these steps into practice herself.  She’s intentional about noticing the small successes along the way rather than the setbacks.  She’s also vigilant about the sources she trusts.  “People will tell you all sorts of things about cancer and not all of it is accurate.  I’ve learned to stay off the Iinternet,” she laughs.

Equally important, Jill stays away from negativity.  She stresses the importance of finding a good support group and mentorship.  She notes that this is one place where the Internet can be helpful, as she’s connected with groups online and in person.  “It’s really helpful to hear from people who have gotten through what you’re going through.  They understand.”

With all of the stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis, Jill especially appreciates the ease of using LifeSpark.  “It’s one service that I don’t have to pay for.  I can receive treatments without worrying about insurance coverage.”  That in itself brings peace in the midst of a difficult time.

“I would recommend that anyone consider Healing Touch and LifeSpark.  There are so many physical and emotional benefits!!”

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